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June 2018

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Samantha Palmeri is part of the three-person show called “Earthbound” (along with Jackie Skzrysnki) at the Hudson Beach Glass Gallery in Beacon, NY, through July 8. “Inspired by tree limbs and body parts as much as by piles of garbage and laundry, Waste Not is part of an evolving series of works that is meant as a metaphor for both our psychological and physical states of being,” she writes...

Samantha Palmeri, Waste Not (2018), oil on canvas, 60 by 60 inches

Earthbound at Hudson Beach Glass Gallery

June-July 2018

Jackie Skrzynski, Samantha Palmeri, Tanya Chaly

Press Release

 Inspired by a profound relationship with their environment, these three artists interpret the natural world through the lens of science, abstraction and the body.

Samantha Palmeri is drawn to nature and the body, seeing intertwining lines and shapes as metaphor for internal struggles. Her studio practice evolves from a process based on repetition, knitting, and braiding. She looks at tree limbs and body parts as much as piles of garbage or laundry. Where it goes from there is left to the unfolding of mood and chance. Formerly a gallery owner herself, Palmeri just finished her second successful year as the Director of Beacon Open Studios.

Throughout her career, Jackie Skrzynski’s work has challenged physical and psychological boundaries between humans and nature. In this work, she collapses the perception of interior and exterior space. Her large charcoal drawings of swirling forms and tangles suggest similarities between anatomical and botanical forms. Skrzynski writes that her imagery is inspired by her time in the woods near her home. Observing growth, decay and rebirth, she intends to convey her perception of nature as equally beautiful and unsettling. Outside the studio, Skrzynski is the creative force behind P.U.G. Projects, which stages pop-up exhibitions in Newburgh and beyond.

"Tanya Chaly makes visible the invisible forces of nature through interventions into her analytical drawings on paper of animals and the ecosystems they inhabit. Her work balances order with disorder, meticulously combining renderings in graphite and charcoal with indications of impending microscopic threats. Often, they take the form of thousands of pinholes depicting the molecular structures and toxins that impact species, and the delicate systems in nature that support them. Her work and installations are layered with clues to understanding complex issues in science and life. In the process, poignant questions arise surrounding resilience, survival and loss."    – Matthew Garrison

Jackie Skrzynski, Fissure
Jackie Skrzynski
Fissure, 2016, ink on paper, 11 x 14 inches
Samantha Palmeri, Mattress
Samantha Palmeri
Mattress, 2017, oil on canvas, 60 x 60 inches
Tanya Chaly, Harbingers Paradigms
Tanya Chaly
Harbingers Paradigms, Cat Bird & Harbingers Paradigms, Spring Peeper
Tanya Chaly, The Devourer & Realm of the Cave Dwellers Keeper of the Nest IV
Tanya Chaly
The Devourer & Realm of the Cave Dwellers Keeper of the Nest IV

True North at LABspace

May-June 2018

True North is a survey and celebration of upstate NY and surrounding area artists who are connected and engaged at the local level— professionally and socially in real time, IRL.

By mapping out this vast visual record of area art makers we hope to strengthen and expand our community, and bring focus to the exciting work being made close to home.

Area artist and curator Julie Torres will wallpaper the walls with small works on paper from nearly 200 area artists, and those who have been active at LABspace via past exhibits and events. All work on view has been selected with artist-friendly pricing in mind.

True North is a show about connecting, expanding and transcending physical spaces. 

On view in True North:
Adie Russell, Adrian Meraz, Aïcha S. Woods, Alex Gingrow, Alexander
Ross, Alison Fox, Allison Hester, Alyssa E. Fanning, Amy Griffin, Amy
Talluto, Andy Cross, Ann Getsinger, Ann Wolf, Anne Lindberg, Arlene
Santana Thornton, Ashley Garrett, Audrey Stone, Baju Wijono, Berly
Brown, Beth Humphrey, Brantner DeAtley, Brece Honeycutt, Brian
Walters, Brian Wood, Caitlin Parker, Carla Aurich, Carleen Sheehan,
Carol Diehl, Carole P. Kunstadt, Carter Hodgkin, Cary Smith, Christina
Tenaglia, Christopher Schade, Claire Sherwood, Claudia McNulty,
Claudia Tienan, Corinne Robbins, Cotter Luppi, Cynthia Atwood, D. Jack
Solomon, Dan Devine, Dana Gentile, Dana Piazza, Daniella Dooling,
Danny Goodwin, Danny Licul, Dasha Bazanova, David Ambrose, David
Pollack, David Rich, Dawn Breeze, Deborah Zlotsky, Dee Shapiro, Denise
Oehl, dgk_nyc / DG Krueger, Diane Dwyer, Donnabelle Casis, Elisa
Lendvay, Elisa Pritzker, Elisa Soliven, Elizabeth Gourlay, Ellen
Letcher, Emil Alzamora, Eric Wolf, Erick Johnson, Eva Lundsager, Eva
Melas, Filiz Emma Soyak, Gabe Brown, Gail Leboff, George Spencer,
George Tsalikis, Gina Occhiogrosso, Gregory Slick, Greta Svalberg,
Gretchen Kelly, Guy Walker, Henry Klimowicz, Hideyo Okamura, Holly
Hughes, Iain Machell, Iris Jaffe, Itty Neuhaus, Jacob Fossum, Jade
Doskow, Jamie Goldenberg, Janine Lambers, Jean Feinberg, Jeanette
Fintz, Jeff Starr, JJ Manford, Joan Grubin, Joe Goodwin, Joel
Longenecker, John Clarke, Jon Piasecki, Joy Taylor, Julia Whitney
Barnes, Julie Evans, Julie Shapiro, June & Jude (June Kim & Jude
Shimer), Kara Smith, Karen Shaw, Karin Schaefer, Karl Jones, Katelin
Kirby, Katharine Umsted, Kathleen Loe, Kathy Osborn, Kelsey Renko, Kim
McLean, Kirsten Kucer, Kylie Heidenheimer, Laurie Thomas, Lawre Stone,
Lee Meltzer, Lee Walker, Leona Christie, Licha Jiménez, Linda
Stillman, Loren Britton, Lorrie Fredette, Madison LaVallee, Maggie
Nowinski, Mandolyn Wilson Rosen, Marc Bernier, Margaret Saliske, Marie
Vickerilla, Marieken Cochius, Martha Bone, Maude White, Maureen
Beitler, Matt Crane, Melissa Thorne, Michael A. Lee, Michael Davis,
Michael Rodriguez, Michael Valiquette, Michael Van Winkle, Michael
Vincent Bushy, Monika Sosnowski, Nancy Goldring, Nicole Cherubini,
Pamela Lawton, Paula Lalala, Paulette Myers-Rich, Peggy Cyphers, Peggy
Klineman, Peter Dudek, Petra Nimtz, Philip Knoll, Polly Shindler,
Richard Peck, Richard Saja, Rita MacDonald, Robert Oehl, Roman M.
Hrab, Ruby Palmer, Sam Scoggins, Samantha Palmeri, Samuel Rowlett,
Sara Farrell Okamura, Sara Wallach, Sascha Mallon, Sean Greene, Seth
Koen, Slink Moss, Stephen Niccolls, Sue Muskat, Susan English, Susan
Jennings, Susan Meyer, Susan Rabinowitz, Susan Scott, Susannah
Auferoth, T. Klacsmann, Tara Fracalossi, Tasha Depp, Theresa Hackett,
Thomas Lail, Timothy Forry, Tom McGill, Tony Thompson, Vincent Pidone,
Vivian Baumann, Waltraude Woods, Will Hutnick, Ybot Walker and Zachary



FOCUS: Abstract Heart at Woodstock Artist Association and Museum

March-April 2018


Samantha Palmeri, Meadow, 2018, oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

Gallery Talk: Friday, March 23, 5 PM
JUROR: Katie Schmidt Feder, Director Garrison Art Center
Exhibiting Artists:
Paulette Esrig, Nils Hill, Henry Klimowicz,
Jerry Michalak, Samantha Palmeri, Tracy Phillips,

Stephen Rose, Barbara Smith Gioia,
Kat Stoutenborough, and jd weiss

"Samantha's work is so beautiful but somehow made me feel uneasy. The tangles, the tie-ups, the struggles of life which seem to be expressed in her braided, knotted bundles are represented in such a beautiful palette that none of it seems insurmountable. The bundles are at once those moments of uncertainty wrapped in the comfort of just letting the thing be. Not every tangle with a situation or another being is a bad thing, nor should every knot be undone. Life gets messy and that is okay."
-Katie Schmidt Feder, Director Garrison Art Center



Conversations I at Buster Levi Gallery

February 2018

Conversations I is the first of a two exhibits that pair the work of artists whose work or ideas share similar concerns. The ‘conversation’ between the artists in this exhibition is purposefully open and could exist on either content or visual planes or both.

Barbara Smith Gioia

"Palmeri's painting appears to be moving, running, flying off the canvas as she uses a combination of blurred and sharp lines that partially blend into the ground where obvious brushstrokes and scrapings move from left to right."

-Buster Levi Gallery press release


                                                                       Samantha Palmeri

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