I work intuitively, putting practice before theory.
The work starts from a personal place, but through the process of painting takes on a life of its own, marking a moment in time.
It starts with everything I see and feel around me, and often that is my own body, and the body in nature.
Color, line, movement, and texture express the mood and temperament of an internal dialogue catalyzed by external observation. I observe visual connections everywhere, which I assign feeling to, thus creating personal and cultural metaphors.
I can look at my fingers and consider the meaning of different hand gestures. Crossing my first two fingers is to make a wish, yet my depiction also resembles bodies; dancing, interacting, leaning on one another. A myriad of implications arise from one simple gesture.
Piles of laundry or garbage become visually compelling metaphors for cultural waste, domestic relationships, and roles of gender and sex.
The viewer’s engagement is critical. The paintings are open to interpretation, and intentionally ambiguous enough for the viewer to interject their own perceptions. Nothing is fixed, the work keeps moving, keeps questioning, creating a context for experience rather than a quick reading.


Samantha Palmeri (b. 1973, Staten Island, NY) received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited nationally in galleries and museums, including Pen + Brush, New York, NY. She is the recipient of several awards and grants, notably an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, and is scheduled to participate in the Artist Residency program at Arts Letters & Numbers in 2021. Over the years Palmeri has curated solo and group exhibitions and events for different organizations and galleries. She is the founder of an interdisciplinary artist group called The Intersection, and was the owner and director of two contemporary art galleries. Palmeri lives and works in Beacon, NY.

photo credit: Nancy LeVine